My path as an artist is mirrored by my life. I had a very formal career mapped out like a piece of fine linen, I then launched into the unknown, allowing the journey to take me.

Art that evokes our connection to the natural world. Not as mere documentation, but rather an investigation into the soul of nature, scratching below the surface to expose its being, that which is not seen. After many years of studying the landscape through contemplation, one comes to observe it's process, something that we tend to miss if we just pass through. 

I use drawing as a means of phenomenology, or simply, how we experience things in nature, not as panoramic narrative, but as a nexus between the drawn and the natural world.

 “Responding to seasonal changes in the landscape. Patrick Shirvington’s studies of the local environs, with intensified frenzy, pushes the markings, scribbles and scratches of the tree to the surface ground that emulates the feel and smell of the bush.”

Rhonda Davis – ‘Arboreal’, Macquarie University Art Gallery.


Patrick Shirvington’s interest is predominantly with nature and the environment. Being loyal to the landscape, he is always moving into new territories.”

Kath von Witt – Hawkesbury Regional Gallery.