I recently visited the 56th Venice Biennale.

The Venice Biennale is one of most prestigious art exhibitions in the world. Every two years 34 countries exhibit here, and tens of thousands of people flock to see the art on show. From the minute I lined up for a ticket the excitement overwhelmed me, reminiscent of those childhood adventures, when the whole world was yours to just be immersed in. Oh surprise.. the person next to me had similar interests. Yes…... he was a Fine Arts lecturer from a University in America, so the wait for tickets only seemed like seconds. The walk up the path to the entrance was transcendent in itself with the beauty of the venue, the trees and gardens (the Jasmine was a little overpowering), and just the fact that I was here at the greatest art event on the planet, or “say they say”.  The above video is a cacophony of sound and images, or a precis of what I experienced…..To eventually walk up the path and spot the John Denton inspired Australian pavilion was a special moment, I guess in a clichéd fashion it was typical and understated, but powerful, and a great support for Fiona Hall’s exhibition Wrong Way Time. In the words of John McDonald…” Like everything Hall does, it was an amazing, fastidious performance……This was one of the few occasions since 1988 when I haven't felt embarrassed by the art in the Australian pavilion. It was intelligent, it was imaginative, and it was completely over-the-top.”

My being alone afforded me the time to just take it all in.